5500 Reminder Tips

Our 5500 User Guide has been updated for the latest enhancements. You can access the guide by clicking on “5500 User Guide” at the bottom of any DGEM page.

Here are tips and reminders from ASC Support as you prepare for the 7/31 deadline:

  • The Form 5500/SF/EZ and 8955-SSA deadline for the December 31, 2016 plan year end is July 31, 2017.
  • The Form 5558 extension due date is October 15, 2017 which falls on a Sunday. DGEM will have the default date on the Form 5558 extension as “10/15” allowing users to modify it to 10/16/17. The filing can be submitted to the DOL the next business day that doesn’t fall on a weekend.
  • If you need to generate an extension on the Form 5558, you can print those forms individually under the client’s Manage Documents screen OR in batch under the Find 5500 Document page. Both options will extend the 5500/SF and 8955-SSA forms – but at least one document (5500/SF or 8955-SSA) must be listed under the client’s Manage Documents screen.
  • You can set up automatic remind signer emails under 5500 Wizards – Custom Remind Signers Email Template page. The {FILINGDUEDATE} tag can be inserted into the Remind Signers Template. This tag will populate the filing due date for calendar year plans as July 31, 2017 or October 15, 2017 with extension.
  • The Secure Signing Page has an option to allow plan sponsors to upload attachments. See FAQ 132 in DGEM for additional information on scanned attachments.
  • As a CATTS user, the 5500 fields are automatically updated when the 5500/SF/EZ and 8955-SSA documents are received by EFAST and FIRE.

Check out our 5500 training videos:

2016 Form 5500 Update and Enhancements and the updated Form 5500 Training Series (Note: in order to access the above links, you must be logged into the CSC site)

Please contact Support if you have any questions.