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5500 Webcast: Gear-up for 5500 Tax Season

This is the time of year TPAs begin filing their client’s government forms using ASC’s DGEM 5500 program.   To help you with the upcoming 5500 tax season, the ASC Support team is offering a free webcast on April 29th to learn about the changes to the 2013 Form 5500/5500SF and enhancements to the DGEM 5500 program.

To access the recorded webcast, log in to the Client Support Center.

Here’s a pre-webcast preview:  We upgraded the DGEM 5500 program January 1, 2014 to include the 2013 Forms 5500 and 5500SF. Since then, we’ve added the 2013 Form 5500EZ and Form 8955-SSA to the DGEM program.

As of January 1, 2014, the DOL will not accept any amended 2009 electronic filings on the 2009 5500/5500SF forms. If you need to amend 2009 filings in DGEM, you just need to edit the 2009 filings and then invite signers.  The DGEM 5500 program will convert the 2009 file format to the required 2013 format automatically.

  • Several business codes were updated for 2012 NAIC.  The following business codes were removed – 315230 315290 441221 441229 443111 443112 443120 443130 451220 454311 454312 454319 531114 722110 722210.  Please review the business code list on the 2013 form for the new codes.
  • Schedules H and I have added a new PBGC coverage question on Line 5c (Line 6c for the 5500SF form).  In addition, the plan characteristic code “1G” for plans covered under PBGC insurance has been removed.
  • The DGEM Move Forward 2012 to 2013 wizard has changed to simplify the process.  You can now move forward filings only those filing with the DOL’s “Filing Received” status.  We do allow users to move forward all of your filings by choosing “All Filings“ option.
  • We added the Alternative Electronic Signature functionality when filing the 2013 Form 5500/5500SF.  The updated functionality will allow our DGEM users to sign electronically on behalf of their clients without sending an invite signer email.  The Acknowledgement emails are also sent back to the user signing the form.  Please view and download our DGEM Release Notes 63 from the DGEM Downloads page for more information about the Alternative Electronic Signature option.

Don’t miss our free DGEM 5500/8955-SSA webcast on Tuesday, April 29, 2014, at 2pm ET that will cover these topics and other tips. Please contact Support if you have any additional 5500 questions.

Billing Questions?

Emailing is the quickest way for you to get answers about any billing questions.  Please take note for future reference.

Meet Us in Vegas!  Register today.

ASC is hosting a User Update Meeting the afternoon before the Western Benefits Conference on July 27th at the Bellagio hotel.  This is your opportunity to:

  • Meet ASC Staff in person
  • Discover new efficiency-boosting products & features
  • Give feedback / ask questions
  • Meet other ASC users

New Free Webcasts from ASC Support!

Your ASC Support Staff is here to help you succeed!  Check out our 2014 line-up of Free Webcasts.   All webcasts are designed to help you get the most out of the ASC software so you can work and run your business as efficiently as possible. Click here for the 2014 schedule.

Additionally, ASCi offers for fee CE credit webcasts. You can see the schedule here.

Benefit from our expertise and stay current, sharpen your skills, learn something new! Click here for the schedule.

Today! PPA Webcast Series Begins. Register Here

There’s still time to register for ASCi’s 2 FREE PPA webcasts.  In the first webcast, April 23rd, Charles Lockwood, J.D., LL.M. gives you an in-depth look at ASCi’s PPA Document.

In the second webcast, May 7th,  Charles walks you through the PPA Restatement process using the ASCi DGEM Plan Document System.

You don’t want to miss these opportunities to become thoroughly familiar with the PPA changes and the ASCi system. The first webcast will take place today, April 23rdand the second will be May 7th.

Click here to listen to the recordings!

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