Cloud Server FAQs

Are you interested in looking at a cloud server as an alternative to an in-house server? Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding cloud servers.

What are some of the cloud server vendors?
Some examples of cloud server vendors are AWS (Amazon), Google and Azure.
Will I still need my IT Support Technician(s) if I go to a cloud server?
Yes. You will continue to need Tech Support to help you. Additionally, if you want other programs on your cloud server, you will need your IT Techs to handle that, unless you, yourself are technical.
Can ASC help me get started with a cloud server?
Yes. ASC provides support and documentation for migrating and installing ASC onto a cloud server. Contact ASC Support to discuss your specific needs at
Can ASC recommend a specific cloud server configuration?
The configuration of your cloud server depends on the applications you choose to run and the number of concurrent users expected on the system. Click here for ASC Software hardware specifications.
Can our firm use any cloud server vendor for ASC?
Yes. ASC has clients on a variety of cloud servers.
I have other installed applications on my current server which are not web based. Can these also be installed on my cloud server?
Yes, as long as the applications can run on an operating system supported by your cloud server. Most cloud server vendors offer a Windows Server operating system. Any application that can run on these operating systems, can be installed on your cloud server.
Is there an additional fee to assist with the installation of the ASC system onto a cloud server?
Contact us at and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.
Can I access ASC on my cloud server from my iPad or another mac device?
This would depend on the cloud server configuration you choose. If the cloud server uses Remote Desktop for access, then yes. Download this app: Remote Desktop- Microsoft version; then connecting is exactly the same as using Remote Desktop Protocol.
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