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 Helpful Tips for 2019!
 Clarified! Pre-Approved Cycle 3 DC Plan Restatements
 Missed the IRS Deadline for Cycle 3 Plans? ASC Can Help You!
 ASC Side-by-Side Comparison
 Meet our 3 In-House Actuaries at the EA Meeting in April!


Helpful Tips for 2019!

A top priority at ASC is – you! Below are a few tips that can help you and your staff maximize ASC’s system features to the fullest:

  • ASC Tip: Using DGEM Client & Plan Document “status” is an excellent way to manage and track all the various restatement programs! These statuses are also used as “triggers” for certain DGEM system tools and data updates with other integrated ASC Systems. Take a look at Chapter 1 of the DGEM User Guide for more information and/or batch updating client & documents.
  • ASC Tip: ASC uses each plan’s EIN and plan number as its “unique” identifier for data integration within ASC’s suite of systems. Best Practices Hint: Have your staff get into the habit of populating this information in the Val System – Corporate Definitions Screen. Chapter 7 of the Systems Reference Manual is a great resource on ASC systems integration, including tables of mapped data.
  • ASC Tip: Setting up a standard source structure in the ASC Valuation System allows for you to maximize efficiencies offered within system tools such as ASCRIPT import & export wizards and batch processing via Single Step Processing (SSP). Please contact ASC Support if you would like to discuss or if you need assistance with identifying current source set up and how to use the “Reorganize Fund/Source” Utility.
  • ASC Tip: Need Support? For the quickest response time, login to our Client Support Center (CSC), and submit questions and/or files to Support under Request Support. Users can access the CSC from the top of the ASC home page OR from within the system you are using (ie: Help Menu on ASC VAL or “Support” tab on the DGEM bottom dashboard.) You may also email, or call 800-950-2082.

Clarified! Pre-Approved Cycle 3 DC Plan Restatements

Do you find the IRS Plan Document Restatement Process confusing and complicated? If so, you’re not alone. Let ASC clarify the process for you:

The IRS mandates that Pre-Approved plan documents operate under a series of six-year cycles in which the underlying master plan language must be updated and submitted to the IRS for review and approval.

For defined contribution plans, the first 6-year cycle ended on April 30, 2010. The first cycle is commonly known as EGTRRA. The second 6-year cycle (PPA) ended April 30, 2016.

In 2017, Rev. Proc. 2017-41 made significant changes to the IRS Pre-Approved Plan Program that begin with the upcoming third 6-year restatement cycle (Cycle 3) including:

  • “Prototype” and “volume submitter” documents have essentially been combined into what is now referred to as “pre-approved” plans.
  • Both Nonstandardized and Volume Submitter plans are now generally referred to as “Nonstandardized” plans.
  • Church plans and ESOPs with 401(k) features are now permitted under the Pre-Approved Defined Contribution Program.
  • All pre-approved plans will be issued an IRS opinion letter. “Advisory” letters will no longer be issued.

To be considered a “timely amender” by the IRS, opinion letter applications for firms wishing to utilize ASCi’s Cycle 3 pre-approved plans needed to have been submitted to the IRS by December 31, 2018. However, even though this date has passed, you can still apply for a Cycle 3 opinion letter for any of ASCi’s plan documents! (Note: The IRS may impose a six month delay in the processing of applications submitted after the December 31, 2018 deadline.)

Haven’t yet enrolled in ASC’s Cycle 3 Defined Contribution Plan Documents? Click here to begin.

Missed the IRS Deadline for Cycle 3 Plans? ASC Can Help You!

Even though the December 31, 2018 deadline for Cycle 3 has passed, you can still apply for a Cycle 3 opinion letter for any of ASC’s DC plan documents. Although there may be an IRS-imposed delay in processing, it is still best to submit now, rather than later. To sign up now click here!

ASC Side-by-Side Comparison

The ASC Side-by-Side Allocation Comparison report (Calculations -Budget –Side-by-Side Comparison) was developed to compare a (New Comparability) Employer Contribution with one to four additional Employer allocation methods. It uses our Budget’s design calculator as the initial allocation designed for Corporations. For details on the Budget, go to the main ASC menu-Help-Manuals and reference the Budget documentation or DC/401K Training Manual, chapter 10 for step by step instructions of this comparison.

The report Calculations > Budget > Side-by-Side Comparison will illustrate a New Comparability allocation as the first allocation method and up to 4 additional allocation options may be included in a single comparison.

Allocation methods available:
  • New Comparability
  • Points
  • Permitted Disparity
  • Pro Rata
  • Age-Based
  • Contribution Formula Table
Output methods available:
  • Hardcopy
  • PDF
  • Export to File
  • Import to Excel for Graphic Design


Sample Report:

Exported data file opened in Excel: Edit Headers, select chart and data, change layout and data selections and depending on the chart you may need to add a title or x/y-axis titles.

Allocation Contribution Comparison

Meet our 3 In-House Actuaries at the EA Meeting in April!

Three Enrolled Actuaries support our flexible and robust Defined Benefit System. All three are available to assist you when you contact ASC Support. In addition, they have a continual focus on enhancing the DB System for you.

Our actuaries would love to meet you at the Enrolled Actuaries Meeting, April 7-10 to discuss what ASC’s DB Valuation System can do for you!

Actuaries: Valerie, Kathy and Devin

The system is a powerful resource for DC/DB combo plans with the ability to create combined plan valuation reports, combined plan benefit statements, and of course, comprehensive compliance testing reports.

The DB System integrates with ASC’s suite of industry acclaimed solutions – including ASC’s pre-approved plan documents, 5500 Government Forms, and CRM/Workflow Tracking systems – saving you time and improving overall productivity. For more information, click here to visit our Defined Benefit information page.

Contact Sales at or call (800) 950-2082 x 1 to find out more!