The 2015 Form 8955-SSA is now available on ASC’s DGEM program

After IRS approval, the 2015 Form 8955-SSA form is available on DGEM 5500 as of February 15th. The Form 8955-SSA joins the 2015 government forms (5500, 5500SF and 5500EZ) which were added to DGEM on January 4, 2016. If you have any 2015 filings created on the 2014 form versions, they have been converted to the 2015 form versions.There have been changes to the 2015 Form 5500 and 5500-SF that DGEM 5500 users should review.

  • The IRS and DOL recently announced the IRS Compliance questions SHOULD NOT be answered on the 2015 Form 5500; Schedules H, I and R; Form 5500SF and Form 5500EZ (as of February 24, 2016). The checklists have been modified removing those IRS Compliance questions so they will not be answered.

Our next 5500 Support webcast will be scheduled for this Spring 2016. We are planning to discuss the latest announcement as well as the latest enhancements added to DGEM 5500 program. Any suggestions for 5500 topics that we should discuss during the webcast are encouraged. Please forward your suggestions to the Support team by logging a Support request under the Client Support Center website or sending us an email


Date Posted: February 22, 2016