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Clients rave about ASC:

With ASC document integration, I was able to perform an owner-only match DB valuation from start to finish in under four minutes.
Michael, New User at July Business Services
ASC Client for 16 years
ASC's high level customer service is unparalleled. ASC employees are very knowledgeable and willing to help with any we have encountered.
Susan Schuemann
ASC Client for 17 years
RMS has always been very happy with ASC's recordkeeping and Plan Document System. Both are very flexible and easy to work with and we always receive quick responses to any service requests!
Amber Lloyd
Retirement Management Services
ASC Client for 22 years
ASC's Plan Document System is the most automated, modern document system available on the market today!

ASC Client for 16 years
I can amend all my plan documents in one day! The DGEM system is a huge time saver! (Laurie amended 1500 plans in one day)
Laurie C., Senior Retirement Plan Specialist
ASC Customer Service is above the competition. I am very impressed with ASC customer service and turn around time. Overall all I am extremely happy with choosing ASC over [my other vendor] which I had used for 20 years.
Signature Retirement Plan Services, LLC
ASC Client for 10 years
My 3 person shop is competing successfully with large investment houses and TPA firms. In large part that is the result of the operating efficiencies we gain from the ASC Systems we use.
Mr. Joe Rajkovich
JPR Advisors
ASC Client for 20 years
I am a long time fan of ASC software and, more importantly, the professional staff. I feel confident that ASC can always provide insight and solutions to matters that come up.
Jo-Ann Massanova CPC, QPA, ERPA, ChFC, CLU President
Estate & Pension Advisory Board
ASC Client for 14 years
ASC's service, which includes a commitment to helping us improve our processes to work more efficiently, is a key reason that we went from just one ASC product to three of your products. I can't say enough good things about the level of service that we get from ASC. We just love working with you!
Veronica M.
ASC Client for 17 years
I want to let you know that the combination of regulation knowledge and system expertise at ASC is outstanding. The support is much appreciated.
Carolyn Gorman, QKA, QPA
EPIC Retirement Plan Services
ASC Client for 19 years
ASC continues to add features that allow us to effectively monitor and manage our 5500 process each year. The system is easy to use, and the client experience is seamless and simple.
Veronica M.
ASC Client for 17 years
My team and I have a great appreciation for ASC's products and services. They are dedicated to constant improvement and aim to meet the unique needs of their customers. I can honestly say we've never had a negative service experience with ASC.
Veronica M
ASC Client for 17 years
PensionPal has tremendously improved our company's workflow & efficiency. PensionPal allows us to know exactly where each of our clients are in the administrative process at the click of a button. Using the merge features, we have sped up our processes and can customize emails and forms specific to each client. Lastly, the PensionPal team is fantastic at responding to any questions we have and has been fantastic at teaching us how to get the most out of their system. We really love PensionPal!
Bernice Flatebo, ERPA, CEBS, APA
Pension | Profit Sharing Services, Inc.
ASC Client for 6 years
The ASC service has always been the best of any service / software provider that I work with.
Scott R. McHenry, MSPA, MAAA
McHenry Advisers, Inc.
ASC Client for 21 years
Everyone has always been very quick to respond with accurate answers to my questions. Always friendly and professional!
Terry Blanton Pastor, CPC, QPA, QKC, QKA
National Associates of Cleveland
ASC Client for 29 years
ASC is an amazing company! Every staff member I have worked with is helpful and genuinely interested in providing tailored solutions to meet the customer's needs.
ASC Client for 28 years
"I must say that I love the DGEM document software, and it has exceeded my expectations. I love the way the SPD is written, so simple to understand and so complete. Your team has done good work!”

ASC Client for 8 years
ASC is a great company to work with. Their technical knowledge is top-notch and their response time is much better than other document vendors. We've been using the ASC Plan Documents since restating to EGTRRA and everyone feels the documents are flexible and provides a great product for our customers. Navigating through the DGEM system is extremely user friendly. We can't say enough good things about ASC. We are a very satisfied ASC customer!
ASC Client for 27 years
I am always blown away by the response time and helpfulness of ASC customer support.We continue to boast about how great ASC is! We are a very satisfied client.
ASC Client for 17 years
The tech support people are awesome and wonderful to work with.
ASC Client for 30 years
Your service is what separates you from the rest!
ASC Client for 17 years
Excellent plan documents and system. Also, excellent support and responses to questions.
Charles Whetstine
Whetstine Law Firm
ASC Client for 16 years
You all at ASC are awesome. Thanks so much!
Lisa Richardson
401 Plans
ASC Client for 27 years
Excellent customer service!!!
Gloria Reddivari
HUB Retirement and Wealth Management (fka Summit Financial Corporation)
ASC Client for 21 years
ASC worked tirelessly with us to accomplish automation that allows to perform annual nondiscrimination testing is an efficient and consistent way. We like to call it “batch testing.” We are able to batch plans that have common provisions together and test them in tandem with one another as opposed to plan-by-plan. This automation, which uses MML, allows us to maintain controls that we believe are necessary to assure accurate and consistent output by our staff and deliver on our brand. It also allows us to do more with less, which results in cost savings that ultimately pass on to the plan fiduciaries and participants.
Veronica M.
ASC Client for 17 years
You guys are so client I've worked with in a long time! Thank you for all that you do!

ASC Client for 27 years
We appreciate your prompt responses.
ASC Client for 17 years
Wonderful to work with.
ASC Client for 19 years