Single-Step Processing (SSP)

Save time with Automation
Let ASC’s Single Step Processing (SSP) handle the repetitive tasks so your staff can focus on complex plans and consulting services!

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Using ASC’s sophisticated scripting language – SSP can run a single compliance test, or a series of tests, on multiple plans without user interaction – as well as perform other tasks – that would otherwise be done by staff. SSP can even be set up to run at a scheduled time allowing processing to take place during off hours when the office is closed.

Example of the tasks SSP could perform on a group of plans:
  • Calculate Eligibility and Limited Compensation
  • Perform Employee Data Checks
  • Determine HCE/Key Status
  • Perform Allocations
  • 416 Top Heavy Test
  • 410(b) Ratio Percentage Test
  • 402(g) Deferral Limits Test
  • 415(c) Annual Additions Test
  • ADP/ACP Tests
  • Top Heavy Determination for next year
  • Excess Summary
  • Catchup Summary
  • Plan Summary

Additional tasks such as batch producing benefit statements, compliance and valuation reports can also be automated via SSP.

Money Manager Link (MML)

Eliminates Manual Data Entry

For clients who use a non-ASC record keeping system, a key element to the ASC Compliance Testing System is Money Manager Link (MML).

  • Provides an automated link between your record keeping system and the ASC testing system
  • Enables plan and employee data to pass seamlessly from MML into the ASC database
  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry
  • Provides for the transmission of test results back to your record keeping system
  • Imports large volumes of plan and participant data via an unattended mode