Products & Services – Integration Process:
Plan document provisions can be brought into ASC’s Valuation & Compliance Testing System so that your staff can confirm that plan specifications reflect the most current plan document provisions. When the valuation & testing is complete; relevant data needed for 5500 forms, 8955-SSA, and other schedules may be sent directly to ASC’s 5500 Government Forms system for quick and easy preparation. You can publish plan documents & SPDs directly from Document System to ASC’s Web-Portals, which also provide 24/7 access to important items such as valuation & compliance reports, service agreements, and administrative forms to your clients. Finally, information from all of these systems can auto-synch with ASC’s CRM & Workflow Systems, providing a central data collection location, allowing you to fully understand your client base and effectively manage, track and monitor all aspects of your TPA business.
ASC’s Document Generation and Management (DGEM) system provides an automated approach to creating, managing and delivering customized prototype/volume submitter documents, SPDs, plan amendments and administrative forms to your clients. Documents are drafted and supported by a team of in-house ERISA experts, led by John Griffin, J.D., LL.M. Our user-friendly system integrates seamlessly with ASC’s Valuation, 5500 and Client and Task Tracking Systems. Our system includes the ability to generate customized searches of plan provisions, flexible delivery options, and publishing documents directly to ASC’s Gemini Plan Sponsor Web Portal.
Developed by actuaries for actuaries & non-actuaries, we built and maintain ASC’s DB and DC Valuation & Administration Systems such that you can easily and efficiently design and process virtually any retirement plan, from the simplest Profit Sharing to the most complex 401(k). ASC is committed to developing and maintaining the highest quality Valuation Systems which values and tests all types of defined benefit plans including those with ancillary benefits.
Approximately half of the 401(k) accounts in the United States tested on the ASC system. It is in use by the majority of the largest investment firms, mutual fund families and insurance companies in the nation. The Compliance Testing System handles both small and large plans and enables professionals and consultants to design the most complex and flexible plans. The Compliance Testing System is included with ASC’s DC/401(k) package or available as an independent system for use with any other record-keeping system.
ASC’s EFAST2 Approved 5500 Government Forms eliminate redundant data entry and reduce the risk of human error as they integrate with other ASC systems. Create 5500 and other forms more quickly and efficiently with our fully web-based system. Quickly produce DOL/IRS Form 5500 and associated schedules, Form 8955-SSA, Summary Annual Reports (SAR) and other related forms (Form 5558). The system includes one-click batch invite signer emails, automatic reminders and a use- friendly submission process. DC/DB VALUATION Developed by actuaries for actuaries & non-actuaries, we built and maintain ASC’s DC and DB Valuation &
Create a highly professional customized web presentation, providing the same sophistication and functionality as the largest financial institutions at a fraction of the cost. Automate census collection with data validation and publish documents from DGEM (ASC’s Document Generation & Management System). Participant access is available for both DC and DB plans. Additionally, the Gemini Web Portal can be used in conjunction with ASC’s powerful CRM solutions and is tablet and smartphone compatible.
CATTS (Client & Task Tracking System) is a web-based system with a heavy focus on integration with our industry acclaimed Document Generation & Management System (DGEM). The “real-time” data flow gives you the ability to see a comprehensive picture of your clients, contacts and plan information. PensionPal, a premise-based system, stores your client, contact, and plan data in a central location and offers additional flexibility such as customizable dashboards, sales tracking, an Outlook plugin, integration with other systems, detailed workflow and employee task management. A secure file web portal option is also available.