A premise-based CRM & Workflow Management System



A client management system designed specifically for TPAs that truly covers the four basic functions of management:

Plan | Organize | Direct | Control

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With PensionPal you can:
  • Access client information quickly
  • Link your clients and their associates (Brokers, Sales Agents, Accountants)
  • Have plan specs at your fingertips to consult with clients and their associates
  • Create reports within seconds based on any specific client or plan criteria
  • Log all client correspondence with PensionPal for Outlook Add-In email integration feature
  • Keep track of all payouts (Distributions, Loans, Hardships and QDROs)
  • Create notes, attach files and emails directly to client, contacts & plan records
  • Track employee billable time and workflow
  • Utilize the dynamic reporting feature includes ad hoc, scheduled reports and pie-chart diagrams which provide at-a-glance answers to items such as referral sources, fees and revenue sharing, staffing, workflow status and more
  • Save time with the integration between ASC’s Plan Documents and DC/401(k) Systems
Customizable dashboards, colors and data fields enables users to quickly identify clients and prospects, as well as important current and historical plan data.
customizable screens
Keep track of all payouts (Distributions, Loans, Hardships and QDROs)
Mass create fillable PDF Forms such as annual questionnaire and click once to update all returned information
Fillable Forms
Detailed time and billing information tracks employee production and generates invoices

Includes 8-12 hours of CRM Consulting to assist with set-up, data import and training.

Please see the ASC System Hardware Requirements for specific requirements for server and workstations and Software Deployment Options for information on in-house servers, cloud servers and remote access.