Intelligent Automation

Increase Accuracy & Efficiency by Automating Administrative Processes

Intelligent Automation Tools: Modernize The Way You Do Business!

To complement our core Retirement Plan Valuation, Administration & Compliance Testing products, ASC provides supplementary automation tools.

Delegate your repetitive tasks to SSP!

SSP relieves you of mindless repetitive tasks and risk of ‘human error’ so you can focus on the core of your business. With minimal setup, administrators can run a series of compliance tests or other administrative functions on one plan or multiple plans without user interaction, at lightning-fast speed.

SSP can increase automation of your compliance testing, data importing, performing employee data checks, running calculations, generating valuation reports and benefit statements, creating data extracts and more.

ASC developed SSP with intelligent logic, based on our decades of retirement plan industry experience. SSP utilizes ASC’s sophisticated proprietary programming language. Plus, you can schedule SSP to run during the nights, weekends and non-business hours.

Are you an ASC Plan Document or 5500 client? Exchange and update your retirement plan information with ASC’s DGEM API.

This API allows for batch export of client and plan data, including plan document provisions, export of 5500 & schedule data, and much more. This functionality eliminates manual efforts and errors, facilitating efficient, automated exchange of data, saving you valuable time and resources. 

DGEM API can also be customized to accommodate your needs.

ASC’s DGEM 5500 Volume Service is designed for firms managing a substantial number of retirement plans. It can be added to the core 5500 Series product, which is EFAST2 Approved and includes associated schedules A, SB, MB, C, D, G, H, I, & R.

Examples of DGEM 5500 Volume Services Features:

  • Custom Imports from recordkeeping system and third-party data for the 5500SF Forms
  • Custom “Move Forward" Wizard in a single batch w/answers from prior year
  • Generating 5500 and 8955 PDFs in a single batch
  • Validate 5500 and 8955 Forms in a single batch
  • Invite signers in a single batch
  • API Available

Simplify your data collection with Plan Sponsor Connect (PS Connect), ASC’s innovative data collection solution for TPAs and Plan Sponsors! This modern, fully hosted web portal provides a streamlined process for exchanging data securely, via an easy-to-use interface.

Increase your efficiency with customizable online questionnaires, census submissions with data validation, and real-time dashboards for status tracking. Plus, secure file-sharing capabilities and seamless integration allow you to track progress, send updates, and provide important plan-related documents reliably without the potential for manual data entry mistakes.