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Create 5500 forms and other forms more quickly and efficiently. Fully web-based, compliant with IRS EFAST2 requirements, integrated with ASC Valuation Systems, and no additional server fees.
Quickly Produce:


New Form 5500 Screen

5500 Form Creation Screenshot


Edit Documents Screen

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Manage Documents Screen

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For Preparers
Once the form has been validated, the Preparer will be prompted to set the form status to “Invite for Signature”. If they choose this status, emails will be generated notifying the signers (Plan Sponsor/Plan Administrator/DFE) to sign the form. This email will also include the link and instructions to obtain their credentials through the IREG site if they have not yet done so. When setting up the initial database for EFAST2, Preparers will need to enter the email addresses for signers and maintain these each year.

For Plan Sponsors
The Signer will receive the email generated when the preparer chose the status “Invite for signature”. They will link to the URL provided in the email to go to our web signing portal – SignYour5500.com. Signers simply enter their DOL EFAST2 signing credentials (User ID and PIN) to electronically sign the form. Signers will be able to review the form and schedules, but will not be able to make any changes. Once all signatures have been received, the form will be transmitted to the DOL. In addition, an email will be generated to the Preparer’s notification address that the form has been filed. We do not anticipate many rejects at this point due to all of the checks and validations. However, if for any reason the 5500 is not accepted, our system will notify the Preparer and they will be able to take appropriate action to resubmit and invite the signer back to sign and file.

Secure Signing Page


Workflow Reports

Our workflow status reports will enable our users to track forms from initiation to acceptance of the filing. Our reports will show the current status of the form, as well as the date of the status change. Our “Find” command will allow users to select and extract a listing of plans based on status, date, etc. making forms management easy.

Workflow Status Report

5500 Form Integration with ASC Valuation Systems

You’ll avoid redundant data entry as well as reduce the risk of human error because of ASC’s systems integration.  The 5500 System is integrated with the ASC Valuation System, Plan Documents and CATTS (Client and Task Tracking System).  They all work together to make your job easier and more efficient.

8955-SSA Forms: Simple and Reliable

ASC’s 8955-SSA filings are completed with the same simple to use checklist approach as the ASC Plan Document and 5500 Systems.

Easily create an 8955-SSA filing from a 5500\SF:

Create 8955-SSA filing screenshot.

Transmit 8955-SSA filing to the IRS FIRE system using DGEM:

Transmit 8955-SSA filing to the IRS FIRE system screenshot.

Tracking 8955-SSA filing IRS FIRE filing status on DGEM:

Tracking 8955-SSA filing to the IRS FIRE system.

Please contact ASC with any questions.