Frequently Asked Questions - ASC Webcasts

I signed up for a live webcast and haven’t received my login yet. Whom should I contact?
A confirmation email containing the login information is sent immediately after your registration has been completed. On the day of the presentation, links to the webcast and handouts are provided. Please check your junk/spam folder under the email address you registered with. If you cannot locate the email, contact to resend the login information.
I signed up for a live webcast and now have a scheduling conflict so cannot attend. Is it possible to obtain a recorded version instead?
Yes. All of our webcasts are recorded to accommodate those that are unable to attend the live webcast. The recorded webcasts are automatically sent out to all who do not attend the live webcast within two weeks after the live webcast. If you wish to have the recording for future reference, you may request it from
I received my live webcast login, but I cannot get logged in. Whom should I contact?
Confirm your internet connection is working and you are logging in with the same e-mail address you registered with.
If you continue to encounter problems logging into Webex, or with the audio portion of the webcast, please e-mail ASC at: or contact Webex support at (866) 229-3239.
I would like to review the handouts prior to the webcast and haven’t received them. Whom should I contact?
A reminder email that includes a link to the handouts is typically sent the morning of the webcast. If you have not received the reminder email and it is less than five hours before the live webcast, please check your junk email folder. If you are still unable to locate the reminder email, contact
I signed up for and watched the live webcast, yet I would like to review it at a later time. How can I obtain a recording of the webcast?
Please send a request for the recording to
How many times can I watch a recorded webcast?
There is no limit on the number of views.
Is there an expiration date for the recorded webcast which I just purchased?
Recordings are generally available until at the end of the year following the live webcast date.
How do I get CE credit for the live webcasts?
If you attend and are logged into a live webcast for the required amount of time to earn CE, we’ll automatically send you CE certification.
Can I get CE credit if I listen to the recorded webcast?
Yes. If you are unable to attend the live webcast, you still have the opportunity to get CE if you listen to the recorded webcast and successfully complete the related quiz.
How long does it take to get the quiz questions and CE certificate after a recorded webcast is purchased?
The quiz will typically accompany the purchase, but may take up to two weeks from the date of the live webcast. Quizzes are graded and the CE certificate sent within 7 – 10 days after the quiz has been submitted.
How does ASC award CE based on live vs. recorded webcast format?
ASC offers CE credit for live webcast attendance by tracking connection time. For recorded webcasts, CE is credited after a completed quiz has a passing grade of 70% or higher.
I never received my ASC CE certificate or it was misplaced. Would you please resend my CE Certificate?
Yes. Please email your name, the date and/or name of webcast attended and request for CE certificate replacement to
Can I pay for a single webcast in the Fundamentals Series, and then later decide to purchase the Series at a reduced rate?
Yes. The amount you paid for the single webcast will be applied and credited towards the reduced price of the Series. Please contact before purchasing on-line.
Is there any discount for multiple attendees from the same firm?
If more than 10 individuals from your firm will be attending a single webcast, please contact for discounted pricing before purchasing on-line.
Is there any discount if I’m attending multiple webcasts within a calendar year?
For advance purchase of more than 10 webcasts in a calendar year, please contact for additional information.
Does ASC offer a flat pricing subscription to companies who want to register multiple attendees for multiple webcasts?
Yes. Please send approximate number of attendees and number of webcasts desired to for additional information.
I am a corporate trainer and would like to show webcasts in a classroom setting. Can I proctor the session and have all attendees receive CE credit with a single registration/purchase process?
Yes. We can set up your ASC client number to accommodate online credit card registration. Please contact with expected number of webcasts/attendees for additional information.
I am an ASC client and want to view the free ASC systems training webcasts offered. Where can I find a listing of what is offered and how do I register?
Go to the ASC Website and select Client Support Center from the Customer Login button on the top of the page. On this login page, the listing of currently available client training webcasts appears. Existing clients may login to the Client Support Center to access the free ASC systems training videos under the System Training tab.

To register for free live training webcasts, email

Can I view the same webcast multiple times (in different years) and receive CE Credit each time?
No – this is not allowed by the IRS. You can receive the CE credit once for each webcast regardless of how many times you watch it even if the time elapsed between viewings is over a year.