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2017 Mortality Table Update

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2017 Mortality Table Update

The IRS issued Notice 2016-50 announcing the 2017 mortality tables to be used in calculations of the:

  • Funding target used to determine the minimum contribution and maximum deduction.
  • IRC Section 417(e) minimum lump sum.

As expected, the 2017 tables continue to use 2000 as the base year and the static projection scale AA for mortality improvements.

The notice also includes an announcement that the IRS expects to release a draft in the near future of the 2018 tables that use the generational improvement included in the RP-2014 tables published by the Society of Actuaries two years ago. It is expected that these new tables will increase funding liabilities.

The 2017 tables are available for download on our website by logging into the Client Support Center and accessing the Download tab and Tables folder.


Date Posted: November 15, 2016