5500 Reminder tips – For an Easier, Faster, & No Stress Filing

As we get closer to the Form 5500/SF and 8955-SSA deadlines, we wanted to provide helpful tips and reminders for our DGEM 5500 users:

  • The Form 5500/SF/EZ and 8955-SSA deadline is July 31, 2016 which falls on a Sunday. So the deadline will be Monday, August 1, 2016. Per the IRS instructions, if the filing due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal holiday, the return/report may be filed on the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal holiday.
  • If you need to generate an extension on the Form 5558, you can print those forms individually under the client’s Manage Document screen OR in batch under the Find 5500 Document page. Both options will extend the 5500/SF and 8955-SSA forms – but at least one document (5500/SF or 8955-SSA) must be listed under the client’s Manage Document screen.
  • You can set up automatic remind signer emails under 5500 Wizards – Custom Remind Email Template page. The remind signer emails can be scheduled for a Normal Sending schedule and/or an Accelerated Sending schedule when filings are closing to their filing deadline.
  • Users can transmit their 8955-SSA form through DGEM to FIRE under our FIND screen. The IRS confirmed last year that the filing is transmitted to the IRS when the filing status shows as “Submitted”.
  • As a CATTS user, the 5500 fields are automatically updated when the 5500/SF/EZ and 8955-SSA documents are received by EFAST and FIRE.
  • Our 5500 User Guide has been updated for the latest enhancements. You can access the guide by click on “5500 User Guide” at the bottom of any DGEM page.

We have added the recorded 2015 Form 5500/SF Update and Enhancement webcast to the Client Support Center website under the Training – Other Web Seminars page. It will cover the latest changes to the IRS instructions, EFAST validations messages, and DGEM 5500 program enhancements.

Please contact Support if you have any questions.

Your ASC Support Team