ASC Summer 2009 Newsletter

In this issue:

EGTRRA Restatement Deadline Getting Closer, but Restating Just Got Faster!

If restating plans is still on your to-do list, ASCi’s Document Generation & Management (DGEM) System just made it easier for you to make the IRS April 30, 2010 deadline. With the new “ready to print” status you can more quickly produce EGTRRA restatement packages. You can now search for all your “ready to print” documents and produce the EGTTRA Adoption Agreement Package. This Package consists of a Cover Letter, the Adoption Agreement, Summary Plan Description and Corporate Resolution. The Adoption Agreement Package has the option to be saved as a DOC or PDF file with the file name stored as the Plan name. The packages could then be printed in batch or on an individual basis. To receive additional information on this feature, contact ASC support

ASC Institute to Offer One-Day Current Developments Seminars in the Fall 2009

The ASC Institute (ASCi) will offer a one-day Current Developments seminar in several cities in November 2009. The seminar will cover current topics, such as:
  • How to Deal with Retirement Plans in a Down Economy
  • Handling Rehired Employees
  • Using New Comparability Plans to the Employer’s Advantage
  • Recent Retirement Plan Guidance from the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor
ASCi plans to offer the seminar in Boston, Appleton (WI), Houston, and Los Angeles. Attendees will receive continuing education credit for ASPPA and ERPA. Additional details on the seminars will be forthcoming.

Keep current by upgrading Pervasive today!

Attention ASC Valuation System users: In order to insure compatibility with today’s newest technologies, we suggest you upgrade to Pervasive PSQL version 10. The ASC System uses a third party software package, Pervasive, as the database for the system. Pervasive PSQL version 10 is the most up-to-date version of the software available. This version is an entirely new build with new security, licensing features, increased data compression and faster I/O. It has been designed to move forward with future technology platforms and has been certified to run on Windows Server 2008 as well as Vista. ASC is recommending that you upgrade your Pervasive version so that you will have an optimum environment for processing. Important Notes:
  • Only version 10 is compatible with Vista and Windows 2008 server.
  • Versions prior to 9.X are no longer supported by Pervasive.
While ASC support can generally resolve most issues, occasionally we must bring in Pervasive support. Planned upgrades avoid issues that can become critical at busy processing times. Please check your installed version of Pervasive by doing the following: Network: At the server, go to Start- All Programs – Pervasive. Your version should be displayed in the Pervasive group. Standalone: Go to Start- All Programs – Pervasive. Your version should be displayed in the Pervasive group. For questions and orders, please contact Mary Turley in Sales by email,, or by phone, (800) 950-2082 x126.

Newkirk’s SmartStatement

Newkirk’s SmartStatement is currently offered in a one-page (8.5″ x 11″) color format. There is no start-up expense to use it. The extract utility from the ASC recordkeeping platform provides all the required data for statement generation. The layout is flexible, easily and quickly read, and meets growing participant demand for streamlined communications. Provider/Sponsor messaging is also available. An electronic option can be made available that offers additional account drill-down detail. Interactive education and links to fund fact sheets and prospectuses can also be added to the electronic version. Pricing:
2,000-4,999 $.84
5,000-9,999 $.74
10,000-19,999 $.66
20,000-29,999 $.60
30,000-39,999 $.55
40,000-49,999 $.49
50,000-59,999 $.47
60,000-69,999 $.45
70,000-79,999 $.43
80,000-89,999 $.42
90,000-99,999 $.40

Important Phone Changes

We’ve made it easier for you to contact us! Effective now ASC’s corporate phone numbers are company-wide! You can dial (800) 950-2082 or (818) 344-2084 to reach anyone within ASC or ASCi. You simply dial either number then enter the relevant extension (see list below). Dial toll-free (800) 950-2082 or local (818) 344-2084 Press 1 for our company directory Press 2 to dial by name Press 3 for sales and other information Press 4 for billing questions Press 5 for software support If you have any questions about the phone system please call us at (800) 950-2082 x0.