Turn Your Home Office into Your Corporate Office with ASC’s CRMWs (Client Relationship & Management Workflow Systems)

At ASC, your success is always our focus. The global COVID-19 Pandemic is affecting our personal lives, our families and our businesses. Our thoughts are with you and your loved ones, those of you who have been impacted by the virus directly or indirectly. During this challenging time, ASC’s Client Relationship & Management Workflow Solutions (CRMWs) are here to help you manage your staff and retirement plan business remotely.

ASC offers two CRMW solutions: CATTS (Client & Task Management System), a web-based system and PensionPal, which resides on your company’s server. Both are designed to enable you to efficiently manage your business as efficiently from home as in the office, enabling you and your staff to maintain the same productivity, visibility to workflow status and security as in a central office. Both solutions are integrated with ASC’s DGEM (Document Generation & Management) document system, providing real-time data flow to the CRMWs. This means you can manage your entire team from home and your staff can collaborate with colleagues even though everyone is located in different offices.

CATTS web-based system connects managers and other team members to real time client information, plan features, 5500 filings, alerts, events and schedules. Managers and owners can create work-flow tasks and reports to electronically deliver staff directives, with visibility to the status of deadlines being met and customers being serviced. Plus, Ad Hoc tasks may be assigned for instant communication. CATTS’s individually assigned logins link each user to a personal Home Page which houses the data specifically directed to them. Other features include time tracking, contact and employee database options, and mail merges for Forms and emails.

PensionPal’s customizable workflows, dashboards, sales tracking, task management, and integration with other document and administration systems keeps you and your staff on track. Its robust reporting feature also includes an option for automated reports. PensionPal also has a built-in messaging system so your team members can IM each other without leaving the system. The time tracking and billing feature generates invoices in PensionPal or can be linked to QuickBooks. A secure file web portal option is also available. PensionPal resides on your servers, so it can be accessed by your team members when they connect to work remotely.

ASC is here for you. We can help you run your business as usual. Plus, our own de-centralized structure is in place, so we know first-hand how to run an organization from remote locations. For more information regarding our CATTS and PensionPal systems contact us at sales@asc-net.com or support@asc-net.com. We wish you continued success, and we remain committed to providing you with highly efficient software and support at all times.