History and Timeline of ASC

Over 40 years ago, ASC was founded by Alan Cohen, with one customer, his own TPA firm. Today, ASC, run by Alan Cohen, Founder, and Alan Gould, President, is a large, multi-division corporation with the depth and breadth of expertise that gives ASC clients unmatched Retirement Plan software, Plan Documents, and ongoing CE Credit Webcasts to ensure that you remain up to date on all Industry policies and advancements. ASC Products are integrated giving you the ability to share data across Systems, and all products are backed by our outstanding Support Team who is there to assist you whenever needed.

In the 1970’s, Alan Cohen owned and ran a third-party administration firm with 65 administrators and over 1000 corporate clients. Inspired by the advances in technology, Alan founded a software company specializing in products for pension professionals. In 1981, the doors of ASC officially opened.

In 1983, Alan Cohen brought in technology expert, Alan Gould, as his partner. Since then, Alan Gould has navigated ASC through the various technology changes and pension industry changes, to ensure a high-end product for ASC clients.

In 2005, John Griffin, J.D., LL.M. joined ASC as the Principal of the ASC Institute, a subsidiary of ASC. Before joining ASC, John authored plan documents for over two decades and prior to that spent years on the regulatory side with the IRS and DOL. Today, John leads the ERISA Legal Department of ASC, which is comprised of a team of ERISA attorneys and pension industry accredited professionals. The ERISA Legal Department oversees the ongoing development of the ERISA Plan Documents for ASC’s Document Generation and Management System and provides ERISA Education via CE Webcasts to pension professionals on an ongoing basis.

In March of 2018, ASC acquired PensionPal, a highly popular management software leader in the retirement plan market. This decision reflects both companies’ goal to provide retirement plan professionals with the software tools they need to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As a privately held, unencumbered organization, ASC is a market leader that serves a broad range of clients from startups and small TPA’s to two thirds of the largest providers in the nation. Over 50% of all 401(k) accounts are tested or administered on ASC software. ASC consistently responds to regulatory and technology changes while maintaining a long term and customer-centric view of product development.


  • 1981 Founded with DB and DC Administration and Testing
  • 1994 Compliance Testing and Money Manager Link (MML)
  • 1996 Daily Valuation
  • 2001 Automation with Single Step Processing (SSP)
  • 2003 Gemini web portal
  • 2005 ASCi DGEM Plan Documents and ERISA Consulting
  • 2007 Released rewritten Compliance Testing NPL to VB code
  • 2008 5500 Government Forms
  • 2010 ASCi Silver Support and Online Education
  • 2013 Client and Task Tracking (CATTS)
  • 2017 Plan Sponsor Driven Compliance Testing
  • 2018 Deployment of ASC.NET
  • 2018 Purchase of PensionPal CRM

For more information or to schedule a demo of an ASC product, contact us at info@asc-net.com.