Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

ASC software systems can run on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, in addition to our in-house installation option.

Azure provides full server infrastructure, meaning you can choose to run only ASC Software or all your applications on an Azure server and no longer maintain servers in-house. This means remote access is conveniently available to your staff who need it. Working from home or other remote locations is simple as bandwidth is not an issue plus your server maintenance fees may be less.

Azure offers easy scalability, you pay for what you need and if upgrades are required they are done with a simple flip of a switch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Will I still need my IT Support Technician(s) if I go with Azure?
You will need Tech Support to help you
For an added fee, ASC will install ASC on your Azure Server. This option includes the initial install of ASC with the administrative login and information about how to connect to the server.
If multiple logins are needed or other applications need to be installed, you will need your IT support.
Additionally, if you want other programs on Azure you will need your IT Techs to handle that, unless you, yourself are technical.
+ Can ASC help me get started with MS Azure?
ASC provides support and documentation for migrating and installing ASC onto an MS Azure server. Contact ASC Support to discuss your specific needs
+ Can ASC recommend a specific MS Azure configuration?
The configuration for MS Azure depends on the applications you choose to run on MS Azure and the number of concurrent users expected on the system. The entry level Azure configuration is D1 which will support 1 to 3 concurrent users. If a D1 configuration is purchased and does not meet your needs, the configuration can be upgraded easily in about an hour’s time.
+ How do I figure out what Azure level will be best for my operation?
Your configuration should consider what applications you will be running on MS Azure and the number of expected concurrent users. Contact Support to discuss your specific needs.
+ I have other installed applications on my current server which are not web based. Can these also be installed on to MS Azure?
Yes as long as the applications can run on an operating system supported by Azure.
Currently, MS Azure offers a Win2008 R2 server and a Win2012 R2 server. Any application that can run on these operating systems, can be installed on Azure.
+ Can ASC help me with Windows Updates which need to be installed on our server? (Automated Windows Updates w/MS Azure)
You won’t need our help because the Windows updates on MS Azure are automatic updates. Any issues with those updates should be addressed by Microsoft.
+ What does ASC charge to load the system onto MS Azure? What is the pricing for ASC on Azure?
Pricing for ASC is dependent a number of factors including number of concurrent users required and the specific systems needed. Sales will be happy to discuss the specific needs and determine the pricing for those needs.
+ Can I access ASC / Azure from my iPad or another Mac device?
Yes. Download this app: Remote Desktop- Microsoft version; then connecting is exactly the same as using Remote Desktop Protocol.