Be Prepared for the IRS’s New Pre-Approved 403(b) Plan Document Program

The IRS is expected to open its new pre-approved 403(b) plan program May 1, 2017. This new program will be similar to the pre-approval program for qualified retirement plans and will allow 403(b) plan document providers to receive pre-approval of prototype and volume submitter 403(b) plans that they can provide to their adopting employers.

ASC will be offering six (6) pre-approved 403(b) plan types through our industry leading, web-based Document Generation and Management System (DGEM) for easy preparation and delivery to your clients!

  • Fully Flexible 403(b) Plan (for 501(c)(3) organizations)
  • Simplified 403(b) Plan (for 501(c)(3) organizations)
  • Salary Reduction Only 403(b) Plan
  • Governmental 403(b) Plan
  • Non-Electing 403(b) Church Plan (without retirement income accounts)
  • Retirement Income Account 403(b) Church Plan

If you have previously submitted an IRS User Fee to sponsor a pre-approved 403(b) document under another document provider, don’t worry – you can still choose ASC! The IRS will permit document sponsors to switch those applications to another provider (ASC) through January 20, 2017!

Be ready for the new IRS 403(b) document program – Contact ASC’s Sales Team to enroll today!

Date Posted: January 12, 2017