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 New Product! Introducing Super Simple Data Collection
Free Webcasts: What You Need to Know About Cycle 3 Pre-Approved DB Plan Docs
Explore New LTPT Employee Rules with ASC’s Executive VP of Support
 Getting to Know Carlos Carrero

New Product! Introducing Super Simple Data Collection

ASC unveils Plan Sponsor Connect (PS Connect), a new web-based and hosted solution focused on simplifying the annual data collection process for TPAs and plan sponsors.

Why PS Connect? The main reason is the simplicity of the interface and the many tasks that can be done easily and intuitively. Here’s how it works.

Your plan sponsors log into a user-friendly and secure web-portal to submit their data. Logos, branding, and even the menu can be customized without web-design assistance.

PS Connect includes customizable online questionnaires and census submission with data validation and real time dashboards for status tracking. It also allows you to share and exchange files securely, track progress, send updates, provide important plan related documents, and more.

PS Connect is available independently as part of ASC’s suite of high-quality retirement plan solutions. Training and Support, provided by ASC industry experts, are included.

Schedule a demo today! Contact or call 800-950-2082 x1.

Free Webcasts: What You Need to Know About Cycle 3 Pre-Approved DB Plan Docs

Restate your Cycle 3 Defined Benefit Plan Documents with ASC! ASC’s Cycle 3 Pre-approved Defined Benefit Plan Documents are now available, giving you maximum time to restate. If you are not an ASC client, now is the time to become one! Please email us at to view a demo or to get more information.

Are you already an ASC client? We are offering two FREE webcasts to inform you of what you need to know about Cycle 3 Pre-Approved Defined Benefit Plan Documents. Register Now.

Facilitator: Industry Expert John Griffin, J.D., LL.M.

Topics include general requirements, plan restatement timing requirements, scope of reliance provided by an IRS Opinion Letter, and much more.
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Facilitator: Dawn Johnson, CRSP

Topics include creating Cycle 3 restatements, individually or in batch, generating and delivering a complete Cycle 3 restatement package, and more.
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Don’t wait! Restate your defined benefit plans with one of the best plan document providers in the industry! We look forward to assisting you as you work through your Cycle 3 pre-approved defined benefit plan restatements. Please contact with any questions or document needs.

Explore New LTPT Employee Rules with ASC’s Executive VP of Support

ASPPA turned to Sheryl Stucky, CPC, QPA, APA, AKA, who heads ASC’s Support Department, to explain the new LTPT employee rules. Sheryl, like other members of ASC’s Support Team, is an accredited retirement plan industry professional as well an ASC Systems expert. It’s no wonder ASC clients receive accurate answers to their questions with quick turn-around times.

Sheryl Stucky LTPT Employee Rules

ASC is already planning the implementation of the new LTPT requirements with the intention that ASC clients will experience a seamless transition with minimal to no interruption of day-to-day operations.

Reach ASC Support via our Online Client Support Center (CSC), email us at, or call (800) 950-2082 x2. We love hearing from you!

Getting to Know Carlos Carrero

Hi, Carlos, You started working at ASC about two and a half years ago. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Carlos Carrero in a restaurant.

I was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Florida when I was two years old. I’ve been living in Florida ever since – a true Floridian! Currently, I live in Orlando with my wife, Jackie, and my two young children, Donovan and Elias. Yes, we visit the theme parks about once a year😊

After attending college at the University of Central Florida, where I majored in Sports & Business Management and met my wife, Jackie, I interned with the Washington Nationals security operations team. I met major league coaches and quite a few major league players. It was fun and a cool way to start my career path.

All good things come to an end (just kidding!), and in 2013 I joined a TPA firm as a Defined Contribution Associate. I used the ASC system, found it very user-friendly, and received amazing customer service. Little did I know that, eventually, I would be joining ASC’s high-level customer service team!

Then COVID hit. I began working from home and realized that I could create a better work-life balance via virtual employment. In November 2020, I noticed a BenefitsLink ad advertising a career opportunity as an ASC DC Support Specialist, and I was intrigued. Because of my positive experience working with the ASC system at my previous job, I hoped to secure this position and get to work at ASC, a leader in the retirement plan industry.

And you did! What do you do daily at ASC?

As a DC Support Specialist, I handle support calls related to Defined Contribution. I also answer questions regarding ASC’s Gemini Web Portal which allows for exchanging information with your clients efficiently.

From the first day, my co-workers have been helpful and kind, extending a hand to assist me with any information I needed to acclimate to the job. Their knowledge of the industry is remarkable. And meeting everyone at ASPPA Annual 2022 in person was very special.

What do you enjoy most about working for ASC?

Everything! Working virtually helped me tremendously. I now have a better work-life balance and can focus more on my family. The “no driving” to work is definitely a boon. It took some time to get used to my new schedule and my new routine, yet it has been a great transition. And as I mentioned before, I get to work with amazing co-workers every day.

What skills contribute to your success? Carlos Carrero with wife and children.

I am a “people person,” and I’ve always enjoyed making people feel comfortable. I am patient and love helping clients find solutions to their problems. Being married to a teacher helps too. Jackie assists her students by teaching them the information they need to know – she’s also a “support specialist,” in a way. And working in a TPA firm showed me how crucial it is to get proper systems support. I aim to provide that to ASC clients.

In your free time, what activities do you enjoy doing?

Donovan, age 6, and Elias, age 3, keep Jackie and me quite busy. I love hanging out with the boys. Donovan loves watching garbage trucks and playing golf. He attends a junior golf academy and plays in golf tournaments. Boy, does he love swinging the golf club!

Elias enjoys baseball and might join Little League when he gets older. He loves his brother, and it is nice to see them play together. Family connection is very important to me. My mom lives nearby, but my grandparents and extended family live in Puerto Rico. We try to fly out there annually to see them and spend time with them.

If you had to select one person you admire, who would that be?

My grandfather is someone whom I admire greatly. Unfortunately, he passed away recently. As a child, he contracted Polio which left him paralyzed from the waist down, yet it did not deter him from creating a wholesome life for himself.

With my grandmother at his side, he raised my father and uncle in the best way possible and was a very positive person. He loved baseball and would watch games holding a long notepad, where he wrote statistics of all Puerto Rican players. I was lucky to visit him in November before he passed away, and I am very grateful for that.

Thank you, Carlos for sharing a snapshot of your life with us. We wish you much success with your family and career at ASC!