ASC in the News – November 19, 2001

ASC Announces System Release with EGTRRA Law Changes

LOS ANGELES, CA Actuarial Systems Corporation (ASC) announces its Fall 2001 System Release featuring the recent EGTRRA law changes. Programming of the EGTRRA changes were completed in September 2001 and the System began shipping to clients shortly thereafter, well in advance of the date EGTRRA goes into effect. By receiving the EGTRRA changes before the effective date, ASC clients are able to preview the implications of EGTRRA on their cases. This will assist them in planning for next year. For over 20 years ASC has provided complete automation for the pension office, including Defined Contribution/401(k) and Defined Benefit administration and valuation systems, as well as sophisticated compliance testing and DV Direct, a revolutionary solution for daily valuation.

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