ASC Spring 2005 Newsletter

In this issue:

ASC Vice President to be the Next President of ASPPA

Sarah Simoneaux, a Vice President of ASC since 1988, will become the next ASPPA President in the fall of 2005. Sarah’s strong leadership skills and 2 and a half decades of pension experience make her the perfect candidate for Presidency. Sarah is a long-time member of ASPPA’s Executive Committee – joining in 1996. And she’s been on the Board of Directors since 1995. Sarah Simoneaux began her pension career in 1981, after graduating from UCLA. She co-owned a pension consulting firm for 6 years. After selling her firm to an insurance company she planned to retire from the retirement-plan community. However, recognizing her talent and extensive knowledge of the pension industry ASC recruited her and offered her the position of Vice President. Sarah’s contributions to ASC are extensive. She co-led the development of ASC’s Compliance Testing Software – which has gained the reputation in the retirement plan community as the premier testing system. Sarah consults regularly with ASC’s largest Compliance Testing clients such as Vanguard, Fidelity and Wells Fargo. ASC is a leading supplier of retirement plan software, documents, and education – with over half of all 401(k) accounts tested or administered on ASC systems and an additional 100,000+ Defined Benefit and other Defined Contribution plans running on one of our programs. With almost 25 years’ experience servicing pension administrators, ASC has a proven track record for turning advances in technology into opportunities for pension professionals to win new clients, retain existing one, decrease costs and increase productivity – all focused on helping you build your business.

ASC Announces the formation of the ASC Institute

ASC and the principals of GBA, Charles Lockwood and John Griffin, are joining forces to bring you the ASC Institute (ASCi) – the premier source for retirement plan documents, education and ERISA compliance consulting. “The synergy between ASC, John Griffin and Charles Lockwood is tremendous,” says Alan Gould, President of ASC. “ASC has over 25 years helping pension professionals profit from advances in software technology while John and Charles have as much experience educating pension professionals on the practical applications of government regulations and drafting administrator-friendly plan documents. We foresee a powerful combination.”

ASCi Retirement-Plan Documents

ASCi is writing new web-accessible, prototype and volume submitter plan documents. These IRS-approved “mass submitter” documents incorporate all the latest EGTRRA and regulatory requirements. The primary authors, Charles Lockwood and John Griffin, bring to this endeavor their vast experience as the primary drafters of the FDP prototype / volume submitter plan documents and their specialized knowledge of the PPD and other pre-approved documents.

ASCi Seminars: in-person & on-line

Additionally, ASCi will offer education for pension professionals in both public and private venues. Public seminars will be held in various cities around the country throughout the year, as well as live and pre-recorded webseminars. Private seminars are held at the retirement plan professional’s facility and are customized to the unique needs of the client.

ASCi ERISA Compliance Consulting

ERISA compliance consulting comprises the 3rd arm of the ASC Institute. ASCi will provide a wide range of consulting services encompassing all areas of ERISA and the qualified plan tax rules, including plan design consulting, telephone and email technical assistance, plan compliance reviews and the correction of plan document and operational problems. ASCi is kicking off its public seminars in the Spring of 2005 with a 5-city tour of its new Qualified Plan Current Developments Seminar. For more information visit or email us.