ASC Presentations at 2023NAFE

Learn from ASC’s Chief Actuary and Principal Attorney!

SESSION with John: What’s up Doc?!
Sunday, April 23rd, 2:15pm
This session will provide an update on plan document topics, including pre-approved and individually designed plan submissions, restatements, interim amendments, IRS deadline extensions, and missed deadlines. Plans covered will include 401(a) defined contribution and defined benefit plans, 403(b) plans as well as 457(b) plans.
SESSION 1 with Valerie: How Does the American Rescue Act of 2021 Affect DB Plans?
Monday, April 24th, 10:30am
Does anyone even remember the ARP of 2021? With the giant eclipsing SECURE 2.0, it’s easy to forget that ARP was one of the largest pieces of legislation with two seemingly small changes for DB plans: a shortfall amortization base method change and a segment rate corridor change. These two changes have a long-lasting impact for DB plans and this presentation will help users remember the basics of the legislation, the impact on plan operations, and why practitioners and plan sponsors should still care about ARP 2021. Take a break from learning the ins and outs of SECURE 2.0 by making sure you’re current on your knowledge of ARP 2021.
SESSION 2 with Valerie: Recent Developments in the Actuarial Standards of Practice (ASOPs)
Monday, April 24th, 4:05pm
ASOPS are a continually evolving topic. They offer guidelines to actuaries for professionalism and are constantly changing. This year is no different. Several ASOPs have been updated recently, with the most prominent being ASOP 4: Measuring Pension Obligations and Determining Pension Plan Costs or Contributions which was finalized in February 2023. I’ll be covering the highlights and the impact of this ASOP and several others so that actuaries can keep up with their professional requirements. Take this opportunity to learn from ASC Actuarials and ERISA Experts.