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ASC Announces Single-Step Processing – An Automation Tool Designed to Increase Pension Professional’s Productivity

LOS ANGELES, CA – December 10, 2002 ASC recently released a new automation tool that significantly reduces the time and effort required for Compliance Testing and other administrative processes. With Single-Step Processing, Pension Administrators can now run a series of compliance tests or other administrative functions on one plan or multiple plans without user interaction. The enhanced automation includes the ability for compliance tests to be run, results accumulated and printed without the Administrators initiating each test on a plan by plan basis. Other functionality includes streamlining payroll data collection. Initiating additional tasks can be automated as well, such as performing eligibility, vesting, allocations, data checks, printing reports, and other transactional functions. “Convenience is a strong benefit of Single-Step Processing,” said Alan Gould of ASC. “With this new tool, ASC clients can designate specific times for tasks to be run, allowing processing to take place during off-hours when the office is closed.” Among the many other conveniences is the ability to print to a PDF file – eliminating the potential issues of printer errors or running out of paper. ASC is a comprehensive software development company providing Pension Systems to the retirement plan industry for over 20 years. Systems include Defined Contribution/401k, Defined Benefit, Compliance, DV Direct daily valuation and AIM – Automated Information Manager. The ASC corporate headquarters is based in California with technical offices around the United States. For more information or visit