PensionPal FAQs

My firm is an existing PensionPal user
+How does this affect my firm as a PensionPal User?
Your firm will continue the use of PensionPal without disruption. You will receive an ASC Client ID to help identify your firm for support and billing as well as allow your staff to receive the ASC Client Rate for all Continuing Education Webcasts.
+How do we obtain support for PensionPal?
ASC & PensionPal support staff may be reached via ASC’s Client Support Center (CSC) web-portal, via email at or by phone (800) 950 -2082 ext. 2.
+Will my firm need to switch to ASC’s other systems in order to continue to use PensionPal?
PensionPal will continue as an independent system. However, additional efficiencies may be gained with future integration development with ASC’s other systems.
+Will PensionPal keep its integration to my other non-ASC systems?
+My firm uses PensionPal as well as other ASC systems – will those ASC systems integrate with PensionPal?
Yes, ASC has plans to integrate PensionPal‘s tools with ASC’s other systems. We will begin with real-time integration with ASC’s Document Generation & Management System for plan document provisions, and expand to 5500s and Valuation and Compliance Testing System data.
+How will this affect our billing?
Your current billing/rates will remain the same, however the invoices will come from ASC with instructions to remit payment to ASC.
+Where do I remit payment?
Please send your payment to ASC, 15840 Monte Street, Suite 108, Sylmar, CA 91342. Virtual Check Payment is also available. Please contact for additional information.
+ How do I learn more about ASC?
Please visit our website at or contact
My firm currently uses ASC’s Client & Task Tracking System (CATTS)
+ How will this affect CATTS?
PensionPal is an independent system and will not affect CATTS. We will continue to enhance CATTS using our clients’ feedback.
+ Will ASC continue to support and enhance CATTS?
Yes. We have a project list created from existing users’ feedback and continue to enhance CATTS based on that.
+Can I transfer my CATTS data to PensionPal (or visa versa)?
Data may be extracted from CATTS and/or PensionPal. We’re still evaluating data elements and conversion details.
+ How do I learn more about PensionPal?
Please contact ASC at or visit website for additional information.
+ What functionality does PensionPal have?
PensionPal has similar functionality to CATTS. Please contact to discuss the features of both systems and how they may meet your firms’ needs.
My firm doesn’t use either PensionPal or CATTS
+My firm doesn’t use either PensionPal or CATTS. How can I learn more?
ASC’s suite of system includes flexible and robust data management and workflow solutions that will meet your firm’s needs.

Please contact ASC at or visit website for additional information.
+What are the key differences between CATTS and PensionPal?
We designed our Client and Task Tracking System (CATTS) under the same premise as our industry acclaimed web-based Document Generation & Management (DGEM) System and with a heavy focus on the integration of plan document and 5500 data stored in the DGEM system. This “real-time” data flow allows you and your staff the ability to see an up-to-date and comprehensive picture of your clients, contacts and plan information. Tasks that are done in DGEM (such as “create restatement” or “Invite Signer”) can be linked to the mirroring task in CATTS which means eliminating the need to “update” the workflow separately when the tasks are completed. In addition, final year-end compliance results can be “sent to” CATTS from the ASC Val System – without any cumbersome import/export routines.

PensionPal is built with the “soup to nuts” TPA in mind. Not only does PensionPal store your client, contact, and plan data in a central location – it offers additional flexibility such as customizable dashboards, integration with other systems, detailed workflow management for Distribution & Loan tracking, and an easy to add-on secure file transfer portal option. Additionally, emails can be easily directly attached to contacts and projects. And PensionPal is integrated with ASC’s suite of products and solutions.