Quickly & Easily Create Customized 403(b) Plans

Let ASC be your 403(b) tax-sheltered annuity plan document solution!

The ASC Document Generation and Management (DGEM) system is ready to meet your 403(b) document needs quickly and efficiently.

IRS requirements not only require that employers with 403(b) plans have a written plan document, but to update continuously the document for legislative and regulatory changes. That means that practitioners in the 403(b) area must be able to generate documents for their clients and manage them on an on-going basis. Failure to properly do so may lead to significant IRS penalties for employers and their employees.

ASC’s DGEM system is a state-of-the-art document system, using the latest Internet technology that allows practitioners and their employees to utilize the system wherever they have Internet access – in the office, with the client or even in the coffee shop!

Whether you maintain thousands or just a few 403(b) plans, here are just some of the benefits of the ASC DGEM system:

  • Quickly and efficiently create customized 403(b) documents for all types of tax-exempt and governmental employers with an easy-to-use adoption agreement plan format.
  • Maintain historical plan information, including all plan amendments, on a client-by-client basis.
  • Provide access to different types of 403(b) documents, including a completely flexible 403(b) document usable by nearly all qualified employers, a salary reduction only 403(b) document, and a special 403(b) document tailored to public school employers.
  • Have the confidence that ASC will provide the latest plan document provisions and amendments to keep your 403(b) plans compliant with IRS laws and regulations.
  • Maintain administrative control over your DGEM system users and access. With the comprehensive regulatory requirements now imposed on 403(b) plans, it’s a new game in the 403(b) area.
ASC is prepared to help you meet your document challenges. Contact us at asci@asc-net.com to get a better understanding of how ASC can help you meet your compliance needs.