Plan Documents

Save time, Reduce Errors. A plan document system integrated directly with your ASC Val System!

Integration with Your ASC Val System Means Extra Advantages!

The DGEM Plan Document System is all inclusive and offers the following:

  • Document history is stored in the system (not overwritten) – so you can easily spot/track changes
  • Ability to restate documents in batch
  • Ability to produce Safe Harbor & other Annual Notices in batch
  • Allows you to produce Substitute Clause Amendments (as opposed to Restatement approach) for routine Plan Amendments
  • Allows you to prepare required Interim Plan Amendments across all Plan Documents
  • Ability to create Multiple Employer Plan Documents
  • Contains expansive library of Pre-Populated Forms
  • Integrates directly with ASC’s DC/401k/Compliance System (side by side comparison of document plan specs vs. plan specs coded in the recordkeeping/compliance system)
  • Integrates directly with ASC’s 5500 and Client Task & Tracking System (CATTS)
  • Has unique “Find” feature that allows you to query documents on specific criteria quickly and easily
  • Ability to email documents/forms/notices directly to your clients or publish to the Plan Sponsor Web Portal

The pricing for the plan documents is incremental – meaning you only pay for the plans you have on the system at the end of each month (as opposed to blocks of plans).  This way you can move your plans onto our system at your own pace.  For more information please go to our website at:

Screenshots of our Plan Document System via DGEM


Plan Document Home Page:
DGEM Plan Document Home Page

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