PPA Defined Benefit & Cash Balance Document Sign Up Deadline

Great News! The IRS is preparing to issue opinion and advisory letters in the Spring of 2018 for the greatly anticipated opening of the PPA defined benefit and cash balance plans restatement program. To help meet this goal, the IRS is suspending the processing of approval letter applications postmarked after January 29, 2018.

If you have not yet chosen ASC for your PPA Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plans – it’s not too late! To meet the deadline, please be advised ASC will need to receive your enrollment materials by January 19th.

Don’t delay! To sign up NOW, contact our sales department at sales@asc-net.com.

As you prepare for your upcoming year-end plan work, now is also a great time to take a moment to review the types of plans you administer to determine if you need to add any other types of plan documents since this temporary suspension will also apply to the following:

  • “Switches” to ASC from a previously selected provider for PPA defined benefit and cash balance plans
  • New 403(b) word-for-word and minor modifier adopters
  • New PPA Defined Contribution word-for-word adopters
  • All requests for name, address, and EIN changes

The IRS will provide notice when the program reopens for new submissions and changes.

Did you know ASC’s Client & Task Tracking System (CATTS) is integrated directly with the ASC’s Document Generation and Management System (DGEM)? Ask us how CATTS can help you manage and keep track of your plan document versions, statuses and restatements!

For more information about ASC retirement plan software solutions including prototype and volume submitter documents for Defined Benefit, Cash Balance and Defined Contribution Plans, ESOP and 457(b) Plans, visit our website at www.asc-net.com.

Thank you,

The ASC Team