Plan Documents and DGEM FAQs

ASC is a Mass-submitter of IRS pre-approved qualified retirement plan documents. What type of industry professionals may license ASC’s plan documents?
ASC provides plan documents to industry professionals and firms that serve in the role of “Provider” as that term is set forth in IRS guidance. Providers serve in the role of a pre-approved document sponsor and have “Opinion Letters” issued under their Taxpayer Identification Number. Our documents are available only to financial institutions, insurance companies, recordkeepers, third party administrative firms, accountants, attorneys and other similar professional service providers. Accordingly, ASC does not sell or otherwise make available pre-approved retirement plan documents directly to individual adopting employers for their own use.

[If you are an employer looking to use an ASC pre-approved document, we can provide you with the names of our clients who provide document and other support services in your area.]

Why should I consider using ASC’s documents and Document Generation and Management (DGEM) System?
ASC has developed creative plan design features that simplify the process of creating and managing plan documents. Our documents have also been drafted with maximum flexibility to meet your clients’ plan design needs.

ASC’s plan documents, combined with the DGEM system, give practitioners a better way to create and manage their clients’ qualified plans. ASC permits users to:

  • create pre-approved plan documents, with a user-friendly document generation system designed with built-in default provisions and validation checks;
  • create customized document templates using their own customized default provisions;
  • create SPD’s and Plan Summaries that are easy to read and reflect the entire plan;
  • send e-signature ready plan documents and resolutions to plan sponsors;
  • batch generate and email annual notices to plan sponsors;
  • easily amend documents using our special substitute clause feature, which also provides for the automatic retention of each prior document version for historical reference;
  • perform online queries and export document provisions and historical data (e.g., list all plans that meet certain design specifications, such as all plans that offer Roth contributions);
  • create their own customized cover letters to use when sending plan documents and amendments to their clients;
  • generate pre-populated administrative forms (e.g., hardship forms or distribution forms) on an as-needed basis based on plan specific data; and
  • process interim amendments faster and with less risk via automation
What experience does ASC bring to the table with respect to documents and document generation systems?
ASC first partnered with John Griffin JD, LLM and Charles Lockwood JD, LLM in 2005. John and Charles had been drafting plan documents for over two decades and prior to that had spent years on the regulatory side with the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor. This partnership resulted in a combination of knowledge and experience that has produced “the” premier plan document and document generation system.

ASC brings over 40 years of experience as a retirement plan software provider – and has a proven track record for turning advances in technology into opportunities for retirement plan professionals to grow their businesses by improving their efficiency and functionality.

Together, ASC has put together a team that cannot be matched for its knowledge, experience and concern for client service.

What pre-approved documents are available on the DGEM system?
ASC provides an extensive offering of pre-approved defined contribution, defined benefit and 403(b) plan documents.

All ASC documents are provided using an adoption agreement format with a corresponding basic plan document.

For a complete listing of ASC’s plan types – click here:

Contact for more information on how you can sponsor these pre-approved plan documents.

Does ASC offer pre-approved ESOP/KSOP plan documents?
Yes! ASC’s Cycle 3 document options include a pre-approved ESOP document that includes nonleveraged, leveraged and 401(k) features.
Does ASC offer pre-approved Defined Contribution Non-Electing Church Plan documents?
Yes! ASC’s Cycle 3 document options include both Non-Electing Church Profit Sharing/401(k) and Money Purchase Pension Plan documents.

(Note: Non-electing churches will be required to use this pre-approved plan document and will not have the option to use the Nonstandardized Profit Sharing/401(k) Plan.)

Can we still sign up as a Plan Provider for ASC’s pre-approved plans, even though we currently have, or have applied for, approval letters with a different document provider?
Yes! There is no restriction on switching from a different mass submitter to ASC and you can make that change at any time! We will be happy to work with you to “move” your plans from your current provider to ASC.

Contact for more information.

What documents, other than pre-approved qualified plan documents, does ASC offer?
In addition to the ASC pre-approved plans listed above (see link under “What pre-approved documents are available on the DGEM system?”), ASC also offers the following individually designed specialty plan documents:

  • 457(b) plans for Governmental Entities
  • 457(b) plans for Tax-Exempt Entities

These plans also use the basic plan document and adoption agreement format.

Contact for more information on these individually designed specialty plan documents.

More Information

Is the Interim Amendment Wizard included in the cost of the Plan Document Generation & Management System?
Yes, the Interim Amendment Wizard which increases efficiency and decreases the time you need to spend processing interim amendments, is included in the basic system. Each Wizard is customized to the specific needs of each interim amendment.