Top Tips for 2022

System Releases and Updates

  • November 2021 full system release available on our website under Updates and Downloads > ASC System Updates
  • Weekly Patch files available the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month under Updates and Downloads > ASC System Patch Files 
  • Update from the Actuaries: 2022 Mortality Tables Update   

Important Law and Programming Changes

Wizards and Automation

  • Use ASC’s wizards to automate the new plan year work
  • Request census data via our Census Request wizard
  • Update plans to the next plan year using our Annual Update wizard
  • Use the Census Upload or Payroll Import for a more automated process (template layout required)
  • Use ASC’s Importer and download the recordkeeper investment files, imports exist for many vendors. We recently added T.Rowe Price to our list of vendors: 
    Review the TRowe Importer Instructional Video 
    Download the TRowe PDF Handout

Training and Help

  • Login to our Client Support Center:  For quick guidance select the System Training, Documents, or FAQS. From the ASC System and the main ASC menu-Help drop down, access FAQS, Training Videos, Manuals, Study Guides and the latest Release Memo.
  • The ASC Learning Channel was added to our training tool chest. It can be accessed from our Client Support Center, System Training. Use the Quick-start Guide to help start your new employee training program. 
  • Webinars were recorded for your convenience and are located on our website under System Training tab > Web Seminars.
  • The Documents tab provides access to our library of helpful guides/manuals and handouts. System Training provides access to our library of videos/webinars.
  • The Search ASC FAQs box at the top offers quick search options for an answer by key word or subject. 
  • Some FAQs with hyperlinks will take you to our FAQ video channel; these videos are designed to show you the answer in less than 2 minutes. Look for the secure links in the solution; CTRL-Click.

How to Contact Support

  • For the quickest response time, log in to our Client Support Center, and submit questions and/or files to Support under Request Support. Select HOME and browse to view our website features. 
  • Users may also email, or call 800-950-2082.